Where will the hackathon be held?
The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will host the event and provide accomodation for all participants - https://mipt.ru/en/
What is the timeline for the hackathon?
The hackathon starts at 3.00 P.M. (Moscow time) on the 31 of January and finishes at 3.59 P.M. (Moscow time) on the 5 of February, in-line with the official deadline for the models submission of the kaggle competition - https://www.kaggle.com/c/the-allen-ai-science-challenge/details/timeline
The 6 of February is reserved for start-up activities and award ceremony.
When does the registration for the hackathon start and end?
We plan to open the registration between the 14 and 20 of December 2015. The registration for the new members will be closed on the 17 of January 2016 at 11.59 P.M. (Moscow time, GMT+3).
How will you select participants from the applicants?
TOP-50 registered applicants, who has the highest score at kaggle leaderboad will be the main participants. If there are some participants who will be in TOP-50 but will reject to take part in the hackathon, participants with lower scores will be invited.
Can I participate as an individual?
Of course, you may register and participate both as an individial or as a member of a team from kaggle competition (if your kaggle team wants to participate, all your teammates have to register as well). We will hold a teambuilding event before starting the hackathon. The point of the hackathon is to emphasise teamwork.
Can I participate as a free listener (not taking part in the hackathon competition, just visiting the lectures from the scientific school)?
Yes. If you are a listener - you are not eligible for participate in the competition and for the prizes. If you want to be the free listener, please give us this information during the registration.
What will be the prizes for the hackathon?
As for the main prize (for the first place) there will be an all-incluse participation on one of the relevant international conferences.
Now we are considering other nominations and prizes for the second and the third places. All relevant information will be provided on the web-site as soon as possible.
How will you define the winners?
All teams will be measured by the score of the official kaggle leaderboad.
Every day during the hackathon we will assess the progress of the teams based on the official kaggle leaderboad. A special prize for the team with the most highest and stable results over the week might be considered.
The team which will show the highest score by the end of the hackathon - wins.
Will a base-line solution be provided?
Yes. You can find the baseline solution here.
Will computational resources be provided?
Yes. We plan to give each team a 24/7 access to an Amazon EC2 instance with GPUs - g2.8xlarge or other similar instance if the team does not plan to use GPU.
Is there a registration fee?
No, there is not.
Will travel, accomodation and food expenses be covered?
We will take care of the accomodation expences of participants. Coffe-breaks, pizza and other "traditional hackers" food will be provided. Considering travel expenses (visa, flight or train tickets) - we will be ready to answer this question later. Please, give us all relevant information by the registration form.
What algorithms and methods are allowed and what about other regulations and restrictions?
Please, consider the official rules of the kaggle competition - https://www.kaggle.com/c/the-allen-ai-science-challenge/rules.
The violation of these rules can lead your team to disqualification from the kaggle competition. Like "Privately sharing code or data outside of teams is not permitted" or that it is prohibited to share questions from dataset. Therefore, there will be no option for us to assess your hackathon progress from the leaderboard.
Later we will provide some aggregated information from the kaggle forum on the web-site.
What is the difference between usual science school and your hackathon school?
Poster session is substituted with extreme coding.
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